Master Making Money with your Marketing

Master Making Money with your Marketing

Hosted By: Nicole Diedrich

Join me as I get down to the nitty-gritty of what it really takes to create and implement a marketing strategy that converts. Strategies that include organic and paid marketing efforts and the oh so elusive (Relationship Building) strategy that so many forget!

3 Signs Your Self-Sabotaging Your Business And How To Stop

Do you know if you are “self-sabotaging” your business? Although it’s a common problem for business owners (including myself!), there are ways to control it. Listen and learn the signs of self-sabotage and tips (with examples on how I avoid them) that you can implement into your own business!

The 7 Business Steps That Got Me To 1 Million In Revenue!

Today I share seven actionable tips that helped me reach one million in revenue since I started my business three and a half years ago. Listen and implement these tips into your business to make the path towards success easier!

3 Tips To Closing Leads EASIER

Although it is easier to bring in leads than to close them, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this episode, I talk about lead generation and give tips on how to easily turn leads into sales for your service or ecom business, with examples of how I use the same tips for my own business.

Why It Can Actually Be A GOOD Thing To Have Unhappy Customers

There is so much we can learn and GROW from when it comes to bad reviews or not the best client splits. This business journey has been eye-opening, and even though I don’t regret how I have dealt with all the things in my business, I have grown from them and learned to be better and, most importantly, give more grace!

How Marketing and Coaching support go hand in hand

Today I chat with Zil Eiler from Zil Eiler Coaching, all about marketing in the coaching world and how growing a business is not done alone. There are so many steps to scaling a successful and stress-free business; to do that, we have figured out some things that correlate and help our clients get to a business that flourishes and doesn’t burn them out!

Want to get to know Zil better? Check her out here:

Why Networking could be your next best Marketing Strategy

Today is just a super quick discussion on networking and why it can change how you run and look at your business! Whether you’re a service or ecom business owner networking can truly help you explode your business!

How to Audit Your Business and your Marketing to make you MORE Money!

This episode is about Auditing your business marketing to ensure you make the most out of your marketing strategies! It is a numbers game, and this data nerd is ready to share it with you!😘 Listen to find the 5 key marketing strategies that will make you more money!

Why Reviews Will Change Your Marketing Game

Today is ALL about reviews and WHY they matter. In this episode, I also elaborate on 3 things you can implement into your business to make getting reviews much easier!

The KPI's You Need So You Can Hit Your revenue Goals

Today I chat about the REAL KPI’s you need so that you can understand your business and know how to scale that business! When you know these 4 main KPI’s you’ll understand what different options you can implement in your business, so hitting your revenue goal becomes much easier! 

The HARD truth about being a business owner

In today’s episode, I get SUPER real… Like in tears real, about the realities of business ownership and how it ain’t as glamorous as some may think. Thank you for listening, and I hope it encourages you to be more vocal/vulnerable in your business journey!

How Partnerships & Collaborations Support Your Business

In today’s episode, I chat about Partnerships & Collaborations and how they can be the next best thing for your business! If you want to learn how to do it, you’ll want to listen!

The 3 Marketing Messages you need to STOP using in 2023

In today’s episode, we’re talking about the 3 marketing messages a lot of us have used (oops, guilty) that we need to throw out for 2023. Our customers and clients need more from us to buy, and we’ll give it to them with the tips I give in this episode!

It’s 2023 - Are you Ready? Psst, I have tips!

In today’s episode, I’m reflecting a bit on 2022 the good, bad, ugly, and great! While sharing some awesome tips on getting started for the New Year!

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