Master Making Money with your Marketing

Master Making Money with your Marketing

Hosted By: Nicole Diedrich

Join me as I get down to the nitty-gritty of what it really takes to create and implement a marketing strategy that converts. Strategies that include organic and paid marketing efforts and the oh so elusive (Relationship Building) strategy that so many forget!

If Sales Seem "Harder" Right Now, Listen To This Episode!

In today’s episode, I give some tough love but also explain why sales seeming “harder” right now is normal and how your marketing can combat that and remind you why you started your business in the first place! COVID did a lot more than mess up our lives; it also messed with us business owners and our expectation of growth, leaving us feeling like we must be doing something wrong if we’re not growing like we were. Hopefully, this episode reminds you that it’s not just you feeling this way, and there are things we can do!

Here's Why Your Business Isn't Making Money

Today I share 3 reasons why you’re business may not be making the money you want and how you can fix it!! Some of it is a mindset shift and some of it is strategy. But guess what? I’ve been there, and I hope I can help you through it!

Quick 4th Quarter Marketing Tips

Today I talk about a few awesome Q4 planning tips to help you have the best 4th Quarter yet!

Make Money with Lead Gen Ads as a Service Provider

In today’s episode, I share ALL the details on how lead generation ads can work for you if you’re a Service Provider Business. I also have this training as a FREE webinar that you can grab here! If you’re looking for support with FB and IG ads, reach out to us I currently have a lot of ways we can support you.

Lead Gen Numbers - How Much do you HAVE to spend to make money with FB ads?

In today’s episode, I share ALL the details on how much you have to spend to see dollars coming in from lead generation ads. It’s going to shock you how low it can actually be! If you’re looking for support with FB and IG ads, reach out to us I currently have a lot of ways we can support you.

Lead Gen Ads Could Be Your Business Growth Answer!

In today’s episode, I share ALL the details on how Lead Generation ads are the BEST thing to boost your business and revenue. Now is the time to scale your business, so your customers and clients are ready to buy for the 4th quarter. Did you know that 60% of your buyers in the 4th quarter come from people engaging with you in the 2nd and 3rd quarters? Now is the time to shine and do it for pennies on the dollars!

How Your Health Effects Your Marketing with Dr. Laura DeCesaris

In today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Laura DeCesaris about how Cycle syncing can help your business and market efforts grow! Join us for a fun chat about our bodies and why understanding/listening to them can help us grow our business.

What I Have Learned From Marketing Small Businesses the Last 3 Years

In today’s episode, I chat about what I have learned from marketing small businesses and how it can help you grow yours with the TOP things my successful clients have implemented to explode their businesses.

Why You Need A Facebook Group

In today’s episode, I chat about the NEW Facebook group @everyone feature and why it now makes Facebook groups 10x more valuable! Take a listen and see if you like this new feature or if it’s a pass.

Top Things to Think About When Hiring a Marketing Professional

In today’s episode, I explain how growing your team is a GREAT way to work smarter and make more money, but HOW do you find the right Marketing Partners? Listen to find out!

The Difference Between a Struggling 6-Figure Store to a Successful 7-Figure Brand!

In today’s episode, I chat about the difference between struggling as a 6-figure business compared to being a successful 7-figure brand. I have worked with MULTIPLE clients at each stage, and the differences aren’t massive changes you have to take in your business. They are easy steps that, when taken with support and consistency, can help you to achieve your Million dollar business goal. But just a reminder, revenue isn’t profit, and more money DOES equal more “opportunities” that you have to be prepared to solve!

ONE Important Marketing Number you NEED to Know

Today’s episode is chatting about LTV and how this number, and understanding it, can change how you invest in paid marketing. It’s always about the long-term cash and how you can grow that.

What Numbers Matter in your Marketing

Today’s episode is about the numbers in your business that you NEED to know to succeed in your marketing and scaling your revenue/profit. When starting a business some of us know the basics, but we’re not really TOLD what matters and then how to make those numbers work for us, in this podcast I share how to do just that.

5 Top Money Making Marketing Tasks you can do in your Business

Today’s episode is about 5 Marketing Tasks that will make you MORE money if you start implementing them today, as well as how I use them to grow my clients and my business.

How to Audit Your Business and your Marketing to make you MORE Money!

This episode is about Auditing your business marketing to ensure you make the most out of your marketing strategies! It is a numbers game, and this data nerd is ready to share it with you!😘 Listen to find the 5 key marketing strategies that will make you more money!

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