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Nicole Diedrich of Diedrich Marketing Strategies

With this Facebook Ads Checklist you will FINALLY have answers to these questions!

How to set up your Facebook Ads backend?

How much money do you need to make monthly in order to start ads?

What services would best suit you with your ads?

Want a comprehensive list of everything you need to know before jumping into ads?



Ads can be a scary thing to jump into, especially if you have never run any on your own. It is our hope that when you do decide to take that leap into ads, you are prepared and feel confident in what your next steps are!


When you go through this checklist, you will know exactly what you need to do to see success with ads. When is the right time for you to hire a team to help you or get more in-depth training so you can do it yourself? 

Find out if you finally ready for ads, and confidently start your journey when you ARE ready!