Introducing: The Ad Optimization Blueprint

If you have ever wanted to get hands on support with your Ads to see how you can optimize them NOW – this is the container for you.

Q4 is right around the corner!

If you are feeling ready to dive into the world of advertising, but find yourself hitting tech roadblocks, overwhelm, or just want to see how you can grow even MORE this holiday season – this intensive is for you!

Nicole is here to support you in optimizing your ads so that you can rest easy knowing they are set up with your audience and goals in mind.

With her expertise, she’ll not only fix any tech hiccups but also give you a comprehensive Ad Optimization Blueprint that’s SHOWN to elevate your ad game to the next level.

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What can You expect During this 2 week Optimization...

The In-Depth Audit

Nicole will meticulously go through your ad setup, ensuring everything is in perfect order for optimal performance.

Access to the Ads Course ($250 VALUE)

Get access to my signature Ads Course that will help train you to scale your ads and how to best optimize and set up your ads.

Target Audiences

You’ll receive recommendations for three specialized audiences to test, enhancing your ad targeting precision.

Strategic Consultation

A 30-minute call with Nicole to devise a tailored strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Comprehensive Support

Nicole will ensure you have all the tools and insights needed for a successful ad campaign. (That you can clone and use again and again!) 

Your investment for the Ad Optimization Blueprint


$2000 USD

This is for the person who is looking for an easy, hands free approach to upgrading their Ads without having to commit to a full 6 months with an Ad agency!

Listen, I totally get it. Sometimes we are not ready to invest into an Ads manager. Here at DMS we are committed to finding solutions for you no matter WHERE you are at in your Ads journey.

Don’t let past experiences, confusion, or overwhelm hold you back from success with your Ads!

With the Ad Accelerator Audit, you’re just a click away from TOTALLY upgrading your ad campaigns.

Let’s elevate your advertising game together!


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