3 Tangible Strategies To Be Confident On Live Video

Live video can be scary at first! The more you do them more I promise, the more comfortable you'll feel.

Live video can be scary! They almost give off a sense of being back in school, standing in the middle of a class giving a speech! But, the more you make yourself visible and step in front of a camera, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

I used to get nervous leading up to live videos. I was afraid of being judged or having no one hop on to watch the live. 

Create lives AROUND what your people want

Being cognizant of what your target audience wants to learn is vital. You may make mistakes and discuss irrelevant content (I still struggle with this sometimes), but this only allows you to decipher what your audience wants or doesn’t want to hear! 

Everyone knows live video is important to growing their brand online. So the question becomes how to make it easier and more fun! Am I right!?? 

Before you go live, post on your platforms, ask questions you think your audience wants to discuss. Take their reactions to certain topics and use these ideas for live videos. (This is also how you should be building out offers)

Once you have a list of topics it is time to schedule events!!!

Creating events is a must! It is imperative to get people engaged and visually seeing reminders. We’re busy people. People may miss your lives because they may get distracted. This is why events and reminders are vital when reaching out to your audience.


You don’t want to go into a live blind! Instead, have talking points written down and easily accessible (I have mine on my monitor next to my screen). This way, you have a guide of what you want to say and don’t forget any important information you want to tell your audience.

Just like a speech, you don’t want to be looking down reading a paper the whole time, but you do want a guide to help you!

In your guide, set out where you want to ask questions, offer deals/promos, and any other points you want to make sure you say.

Create a flow that is FUN not scary

Think of lives as a story. If you don’t know the story, you won’t be able to relay the information correctly to your audience, and you will ultimately get nervous, feel unprepared, and eventually… Hate doing lives! 

In every live I start with an introduction about myself, the topic, and how it will help my people. This sets the expectations of the live.

Next, I ask a thought-provoking question or entice my audience to take action (for example, liking or sharing the video)!!

Getting engagement in lives as quickly as possible helps the algorithm push the live to people who said they wanted to come and those in your group.

Next is foreshadow or announce a CTA – Let your people know there will be an offer at the end of training! Again, HONESTY is key, and I’m never going to pretend like we don’t have offers that can help my ladies get to their next level! But also try to create offers that revolve around your topic/serve your people. 

It’s not JUST about money.

Next I go into the training – this is where you ADD AS MUCH VALUE as you possibly can.

Ask 3+ questions during training to help with engagement – Remember, people WILL watch on replay, so don’t feel bad if no one is on during the live. 

Once you have finished with your training, MAKE AN OFFER. It could be free, a join my email list, or buy whatever I’m offering.

Diedrich Marketing Strategies can help you with all of this. We have become pros with lives. We go live almost daily with tips and tricks, so don’t miss out on those!

You can consult with us about lives or just with marketing itslef! Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Set up a free consultation with me today, and let’s support each other!

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