Effective Social Media Platforms:

Social media accounts for your business are essential. It’s an easy advertisement and communication tool with current and potential customers. You’re losing money if you don’t take advantage of social media.

92 percent of marketers say that social media has helped increase exposure. Clearly, you’re missing out on the opportunity to grow your business if you decide to go a different route for your business’s marketing.

Social media platforms

Before choosing what social media platforms you’ll be using, you need to find who your target audience is and what platforms your potential consumers use.

By performing a customer survey asking what social media forms they the most, you will be able to understand which platforms you should use to your advantage. Pew Research Center for Internet and Technology is a fantastic method to research what social media platforms are best for your business.

Lastly, decide what kind of content you will be posting because that will be the deciding factor for what platform you need!


Facebook is currently the largest social media platform available, hosting over two billion users.

This tool can be easily customized and directed toward your target audience, primarily through Facebook ads and groups.

Facebook is also a great forum to be able to build relationships. You can meet and chat with new people either through Facebook groups, comments, or direct messages.

This platform also offers a wide variety of content you can post as well. For example, you’re able to post photos, videos, blogs, worded content, live videos, etc.

You’re also able to schedule content as well as analyze the insights of your content. Through this, you’re able to understand what’s working and what’s not. In addition, Facebook also gives you the capability of retargeting certain members of your audience.

Overall, this method of social media can be incredibly useful and beneficial for your business if you know how to use it properly.


Instagram follows closely behind Facebook in popularity and usage, hosting nearly one billion users.

This social media platform revolves entirely around photo and video content. In addition, Instagram is one of the hottest hubs to share photos, stories, videos, host lives, and IGTV’s, promote products, and influence a brand.


LinkedIn is a great space to network with other professionals in your field and similar fields.

It’s usually the choice for B2B businesses and those that are lead generation oriented. To add on, you can build your business’s resume and become trusted in your industry through this method of social media.


Twitter is the perfect platform for you to get information out to your followers immediately. Post about big news, promotions, and any other in-the-moment information.

Furthermore, most users are under the age of 50, so, easy and quick to read information is what’s best to be posted on twitter. Photos are better than videos on twitter, but worded content still is received the best.


Youtube is one of the most highly used social sites for creating videos and promoting products, services, and day to day work. Video ideas are limitless as to what you can post.

While YouTube is an incredible resource for allowing your customers to experience what you have to offer, knowing how to create and put together a video properly will be critical for your business’s success. Low-quality videos can hurt how potential customers view you and your business.

Different types of businesses will use different social media platforms. You might see a product-based business use more Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Why? Because they’re able to expose and promote their product to a larger audience more frequently.

However, some service-based businesses tend to primarily utilize LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. These outlets can be viewed as more appropriate and accepted for advertising services.

Before deciding which ones to use, make sure you have your audience, goals, and content planned out. You want to pair your content with the best social media platforms for your product or service-based business.

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