Understanding International Marketing:

Have you ever thought about marketing your products internationally??

International marketing is a fantastic way to expose your brand and products to the world. In order to successfully market internationally, you’ll need to understand a few important elements. 

Adapting To Your Consumer’s Environment

Global marketing is different than marketing locally. The outlet in which we market must be studied and modified based on what country you’re marketing to. While a marketer might see amazing success with one outlet in a specific country, they might not see the same results in another country because the countries cultures differ. 

For example,while most people in the U.S. are accustomed to social media marketing, other countries are accustomed to different ways of marketing. To give a specific example, people in Asia prefer television marketing. So in order to see the best results for selling your product in Asia, you’ll need to modify your marketing to appeal to your consumers in this target market. 

However, choosing the correct form of marketing is not the only modification one needs to make when marketing internationally. Verifying that your marketing is in the correct language as well as on your target audience’s preferred digital channels is crucial in order to see results. 

Furthermore, part of modifying your marketing includes understanding the technological capabilities of your target market. Is your target market tech-savvy or is print media more up their alley? If you’re trying to sell your products through social media to a target market who doesn’t carry a phone with them wherever they go, chances are you might not see the results you were hoping for. You’ll need to learn how to adapt to your audience’s technological environment as well.

Cultural Values & Beliefs

Part of successfully marketing internationally is by thoroughly studying and understanding the cultural values in the locations in which you decide to market your products. This means understanding what products your target market finds beneficial. 

For example, IKEA designs dressers. Their dressers in North America differ from some of the other dressers they sell around the world because they know that people in North America tend to have more clothes. How do they differ exactly? Well, their dressers are deeper to accommodate the lifestyle of an American. 

Cultural values and beliefs are what give your consumer the desire to purchase a specific product. If you’re unable to understand the needs of your consumer, how will your product be of any use to them? 

Here at DMS, we’re able to help you market your products internationally. If you have target markets around the world, we’re here to help give you the best results!

We understand the complexity of international marketing and want to be able to set you up for success!

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