3 Reasons You NEED Ads in Your Business

I’m assuming all of you are reading this because you want to learn more about FB ads and how to market your business online, right? And my mission is to always keep these blogs as clear and not too time-consuming because I want you to learn and get excited to IMPLEMENT! 

So who here has seen success with FB ads?

If you haven’t had any luck or haven’t even started, don’t be AFRAID! A lot can make it complicated, but I’m going to do my best to make it easy and exciting for you to dive into! Are you ready for the first reason you need ads in your business?

It allows you to automate your PERFECT LEADS

How many of you spend HOURS trying to create content that will help you find people interested in buying what you sell?

The answer is ALL of us. Fb Ads allow us to create lead generation ads that give us more freedom to stop over-analyzing content because we have a way to bring in people we ALREADY KNOW are our perfect buyers.

There is a very prominent negative stigma for “buying leads” but it’s actually one of the best investments you can do when done right. It helps niche and makes sure your content is more impactful so that you can get MORE engagement since your ads are specifically hitting your perfect audience.

FB Ads Allow you to become a LEADER in your field

When you see an ad from someone, you automatically assume they have been in business for a long time, or are probably reputable. And if it’s something you’re interested in, you usually check it out.

Not only does this allow you more eyeballs on your stuff, but it allows you the opportunity to LEAD. And that’s what people buy into! So don’t allow looking at just what ads are INSTANTLY bringing you in to keep you from continuing to test and use them. Allow yourself time to test things out and really see your engagement along with authority, grow.

FB Ads Allow you to make more sales WHENEVER YOU WANT

Whether it be for products or service-based entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to make more money, while investing in ads! The reason I’m such a huge advocate for FB Ads is that once they are performing for you they are like a water faucet.

You can turn them on and off whenever you need and see amazing success that you otherwise would have to spend 5x as much time organically marketing that it probably wouldn’t even be possible to see the same growth. Money and time are what you are fighting against. And though you may have to spend, the time and money you get back can be forever worth it!

Don’t be afraid to try something new and see if FB Ads could be the next amazing step for you and your business!

I have a 1:1 Ad program I am launching to help women entrepreneurs with ads! It is a 2-month hybrid program where you will get 7 Ad trainings, 3 1:1 hour-long coaching sessions with me, and 2 days a week of messenger support throughout your 2 months. I can only do 5 people at a time, so this is a very limited opportunity. 

The benefits of learning how to do this yourself is it gives you time to MAKE IT work, and then in the future, you can decide to invest in an ads manager if you want.

The price is $4,497 and can be split into 4 bi-monthly payments of $625. My ad clients currently pay almost $7,000 a month for ad spend and ad management. I want this for you too! 

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