Consistency =’s More Money Online

Having consistency with your online presence is crucial when growing and building your business and business profiles. When you can be consistently online, you’ll see the engagement with the post, and your profiles go up. More eyes on your business will lead to more money in your pocket!

engagement Consistency

All we want from social media is to gain more engagement. The best way to do this is to be posting regularly on all platforms. If you post consistently, then it’s much more likely you’ll have more eyes on your content. With all those extra eyes, it’ll lead to more people being interested in buying from you.

When businesses are consistent with their content, they see more engagement, which leads to more visibility and more sales. But you have to remember you can’t just be selling in your posts. Make sure to add value! Give people the chance to get to know you. Teach them something new. Ask questions!

Have a space like a Facebook group where you have your perfect people in ONE spot! It’s the best and easiest way to re-engage people who will buy from you. If you can continue to bring people back to your page, you want to start building a relationship with them.

If you want or need help creating and posting content while also being consistent online, contact us by going to Diedrich Marketing Strategies.

helping you with making more money

Also, I have a 1:1 Ad program I am launching to help women entrepreneurs with ads! It is a 2-month hybrid program where you will get 7 Ad trainings, 3 1:1 hour-long coaching sessions with me, and 2 days a week of messenger support throughout your 2 months. I can only do 5 people at a time, so this is a very limited opportunity. 

The benefits of learning how to do this yourself is it gives you time to MAKE IT work, and then in the future, you can decide to invest in an ads manager if you want.

The price is $4,497 and can be split into 4 bi-monthly payments of $625. My ad clients currently pay almost $7,000 a month for ad spend and ad management. I want this for you too! 

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Feel free to schedule a consultation call with us at any time to see how our services can help you achieve this. We are here to support your business success and make your dreams a reality.

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