Critical Work/Life Balance With Virtual Work

COVID has brought remote work to the forefront for many companies. Virtual work may just be exactly what some of you have dreamed of experiencing, and for others, it may be a nightmare. The real question is, how do you balance work and home life if your work is now done in your home? This blog will discuss the barriers some may have to overcome and possible solutions to those challenges.

Children At Home

While working from home, you are trying to focus on your assigned tasks. But for many of us, kids may be a distraction. Many kids are also completing school online, leading to school being held at home. This is often where you will also be completing your own virtual work. These changes in your children’s lives can lead to constant questions or work interruptions that you would not experience in an office environment that may occur when participating in virtual work.


To balance out virtual work from life, have a dedicated “homework” spot and do not allow yourself to continue working when the work hours are over. It is time to have fun with your kids!


Many of us have those fluffy little ones which require your constant attention. This is fine when you get to relax and enjoy each other’s company but can be a distraction when a wet nose is poking you during a zoom call or when virtual work becomes demanding. 


It would be best to make it clear to your pet that it is not playing time when you are attempting to complete virtual work. Have an indicator to them (this could be your work laptop) that lets your pet know you are busy. The indicator will only work if you do not take your work laptop out during your “at home” time. Make sure this distinction is clear to your furry friend. Having this clear rule will also force you to create that work-home balance. Work is for work hours.

My company currently works out of my house, and we have construction outside and two large dogs who just want everyone’s attention. 

I know it can be challenging. 

After trial and error, I have found what works for me when I separate work and home life, but I want to know how you have kept the balance between work and home?

Do you find yourself struggling to balance working at home? Or have you found a happy medium?

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