Niching Down and What That Means

Niching down

I’m not going to lie; I had to research niching down when I first started my business. So, don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of niching down or don’t know what it means.

What niching down means is clearly focusing on who your ideal target customer is and aligning your marketing to match.

It can be difficult at first to niche because we never want to feel like we are telling someone they can’t buy from us or use our services. But what niching actually does is help us narrow down our competitors and be good at one main thing.

This thing, could make you millions, and without niching you’d never know it.

STP And Niching

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning. These are the key elements of niching down. Segmentation is identifying and finding out what your audience wants and needs.

Targeting is finding the best audience that will consume your product. This is your TARGET AUDIENCE! We talk about this because finding your target audience is crucial for your business’s success if you didn’t know already.

Positioning is how you present yourself and your brand to your audience. You want to present yourself as the best compared to the competition in your niche. If you position yourself like this, make sure you live up to it!

Diedrich Marketing Strategies can easily help you find your niche because we’ve had to do it, too! We also have helped many other small business owners find their niche!

And have supported them in growing that niche successfully and profitably!

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