The Ramifications of Bots on Insta

What are Instagram bots? Instagram bots are services that you can purchase to increase your amount of followers. However, these followers aren’t real people they are computer-generated profiles.

They will engage with your posts by liking and commenting based on algorithms, but the problem with that is that they aren’t real people. So, you’ll end up getting random comments that have no context to what your post is about and end up having followers who don’t convert to sales. Overall, your account will turn into a mess of fake people.

Consequences of using bots

The absolute worst thing that could happen if you use bots is your account could get deleted by Instagram. This is because it violates Instagram’s term of use policy.

You’ll also get a constant fluctuation of followers because of bots being reported and deleted. Your feed will turn into a mess because of all the bots randomly commenting on your post and it will in turn cause less of people who you actually want to see and engage with your post.

You could also get shadowbanned by Instagram to where you can only interact with the followers that you have. No matter what hashtags you use no one will be able to view that post because of the shadowban.

Why organic marketing with real people is important

The best way to organically market is by doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, it takes time. Prepare to set 20-30 minutes aside a day to be able to interact with current followers and engage with other people.

This will not only be better for your overall account, but it will be better because you’ll be in direct contact with followers and will be building relationships with them. You’ll also be able to take advantage of your target audience because you are personally aware of who you want your followers to be.

You want real people to follow, you not bots! Real people can buy your product, refer you to friends and colleagues, and will actually grow your business. Buying bots and using them will never grow your accounts and business the way real people can.

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