Why Blogs Are Essential for Your Business

Writing blogs may be something you look past and deem as not essential to growing your business. This way of thinking is entirely skewed. Blogs can in fact bring an abundance of traffic to your website and social media accounts.

Blog content is easy to post on social media and when clicked on, it takes them directly to your website. It’s a win-win situation. Your goal is to gain traffic and engagement so that you can gain followers and potential customers for your business.

Blogs generate 20% percent of website traffic. So if you aren’t blogging you’re missing out on 20% of your clientele.

Why blogs?

The biggest and most important reason for blogging is traffic. Blogging allows constant content on your social media accounts that can be liked and shared directly to your website. More blogs on different topics drive up the likelihood that when consumers search for a topic, one of your blogs can pop up above the rest.

The more content you create and post, the more likely it is for someone to come across your social media accounts and website. Once you gain this traffic, you can start converting your viewers into leads. How do you do this? You can do this by having a lead-generating call to action for every blog.

These call to actions should be linked to any free-trials, ebooks, and webinars. Anything free you offer. They put their information in to gain access to this and ultimately gain a higher chance of converting them into a paying customer.

Writing blogs about simple questions/topics that your followers or customers have questions about makes you look like an authoritative figure. When they have questions they will come to your website or directly to you to get their questions answered.

They will know that you know your stuff, so it’ll be easy for them to want to gain answers from someone they believe is an expert in that field.

How can I start a blog for my business?

WordPress is a creative way to begin your blogging adventure. You’re able to add a whole new section to your website that is customized to your aesthetic and brand. WordPress makes creating and posting blogs incredibly easy and doable. Make sure to create this section on your website so people who visit the site can easily find and access your blogs.

What should I write about?

Start with topics you know well. Once you start to grow your blog and your business while learning more, you’ll find more and more topics to write about.

Be trustworthy. Don’t write about topics you don’t know much about because as I said earlier you want to be looked at as an expert.

Make sure these blogs are about valuable information. You want to be as helpful as you can to whoever might be reading. Simple yet effective topics are solutions to problems with services or products.

Blogging should engage potential customers with what you have to offer. End your blogs with how getting in contact and doing business with you can be beneficial for them.

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