Top 3 Marketing Hacks

These 3 marketing hacks will help you gain better engagement, connection, and sales! This is what we all want, right?

Content posts

What type of content? To understand these marketing hacks, you have to know that our content must be value-based over selling content! Value content is what will sell the most and is what will help you and your business the most.

Content that you should be posting is inspiring content, such as how you started, struggles you’ve had, and accomplishments you and your business have had. This draws people in because they get to learn about you and learn from your experiences.

Ask how you can help your clientele or followers! If they can give you feedback, not only will it help your business, but customers will be able to see that you want their input because you want to help them as much as you can.

Inform your followers about how your product or service can help them! This way, they can learn about your business and see if what you provide will be helpful to them.

Give advice from your experiences! For example, say they buy a product or service. Make sure to advise how to capitalize off what they bought fully! You can even tell your followers the mistakes you’ve made so they don’t make the same ones.

Ask questions! Ask about what your followers like about their own work or business, what they don’t like, what they are looking to improve, or what they think they succeed at! This is a great way to build relationships with followers, customers, or potential partners.

Lastly, you need SALES POSTS. The thing is, you don’t want every post to be selling something! You want people to see all the different posts I laid out before they see sales posts!

LIve videos and video content

Videos will always be the best kind of content to post! Especially live videos. Even though live videos can be scary, they are a great way to get you and your business in front of your followers and potential customers.

Live videos aren’t about how you look! People aren’t paying attention to if you have makeup on or how well you look on video! Instead, they listen to what you have to say because what you have to say is important, and they want to learn from you!

Live videos take practice! The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel doing it.

make relationships with marketing content

Creating a Facebook group is a great way to do this. Supporting, helping, and helping people for free is a great way to make and build relationships.

Creating a name can be difficult, but you need a name that will invite people in and say that you’re going to give them great content for them to use.

You need to give value to these groups! When you do this is when you’re able to sell your product or services.

Tell them “why” they should be involved in your group, so like how your group will benefit them!

When you build relationships with customers or fellow business owners, all it does is help your business.

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