What Type of Content Translates Best to Your Consumer?

Knowing what type of content best translates to your customer is crucial for sales, interaction, and social media success. Content that leads to more clicks and engagement will lead to growth for your business. An easy way to find out what type of content to use is to understand and analyze similar businesses and what they are already using.

Ex. Makeup artist – content: tutorials, graphics, posts on products or looks

      Photographer – content: photos, before & after edits, videos, blogs

      Realtor – content: education about how to invest, market info, homes for sale

Developing Content

Content will be based on what social media platform your consumer is using. Once you find that out, this is when you maximize what you find out works best. Developing your subject matter is all about understanding which marketing strategy to get the best engagement from the consumer.

Review the engagement based on your content regularly to make adjustments as needed. An example of this is maybe adding more videos or more blogs, etc.

types of content based on platforms

Some platforms are more versatile than others, such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is the best place to post any sort of topic, which will work with any type of business you run.

Product-based businesses should have a lot of interaction on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms are easy to be able to post photos and videos of your products. The majority of your posts will be showing off your products.

Serviced based business will most likely have more worded content like worded posts and blogs. So, Twitter and Facebook are the perfect platforms (reminder: still post videos and pictures whenever you can).

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