How To Successfully Market Internationally

Successful marketing internationally can greatly improve your income and business! The thing with going international is it is much more difficult than local or regional marketing. Your dealing with different languages, cultures, norms, likes, and dislikes that come with different people from around the world.

understanding marketing for other cultures

Global site & regional/local sites are of the same caliber and are consistent (similar theme, aesthetic, branding, messaging, info, products)

But you still need to understand and become educated/familiar with how other cultures market (some may respond better to tv ads, whereas others may respond differently to social media ads, etc.) and configure your marketing strategy to each culture to get the best engagement.

Adapting products/services to different cultural normalities (ex. IKEA understood that Americans tend to have more clothes than other countries, so purposely designed dressers sold in America to be deeper than those in other countries they sold to.)

You may also think about translating your marketing into different languages so there is no language barrier. But, this comes as you grow and have the means of speaking to your target market better.

Create an excellent first impression

Showing that you understand certain cultures will create a positive first impression. Understanding cultures shows that you have respect to learn about their norms, likes, and dislikes that many others wouldn’t know.

Ultimately, you need to create an image in a foreign contact’s mind that will appeal to them and lead them to want to buy/hire from you. As a service-based business owner though explaining the first step to selling an intangible idea internationally comes down to how that relationship is built.

You need to ensure your messaging and ideas translate well. If they don’t, it will lead to a lack of understanding, and your product/service could fall flat.

A great example of this was when Chevy created and named a car Nova. In Spanish, “Nova” means “not going,” so they had dismal sales in Latin America.

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