Why Instagram Reels Are Essential For Your Business

One of the latest features on the platform, Instagram Reels, lets users share short video clips that can be dubbed with audio and video effects like text bubbles or stickers.

They quickly became a necessary tool for business owners, and if you aren’t using them for your own business yet, here’s why you should!

More Reach, More Followers, More Potential Clients/Customers

We all know that videos are better when trying to reach out to your target audience. They give you more creative freedom and are better at grabbing people’s attention and keeping it. 

And unlike stories, reels don’t disappear after twenty-four hours, which gives you a better chance of new people coming across your business’s page. That could lead them to be interested enough to follow you and become potential loyal clients or customers. 

This is especially true because Instagram’s algorithm is currently favoring reels.

Tips On How You Can Use It For Your Own Business

Now that you know the why, here are some tips on using Instagram Reels to the fullest. 

  • Share your business behind the scenes, like showing off your team, workspace, how you make or do services/products, etc.
  • Create how-to or helpful tips videos that you know your audience would be interested in that relate to your business.
  • Let your audience get to know you by telling stories about yourself and your business journey, and don’t forget bloopers. Give your audience the chance to get to know you as a person and be engaged with one another. 
  • Pay attention to the trends. Keep an eye out for other business owners to see what kind of reels have been working for them, and change it up to make your own.

The most important thing to remember in the end if you want Instagram Reels to work for you is to not try so hard! You don’t need to stress about creating the “perfect” video. Just keep it simple and have fun. Since making Instagram Reels for my business, I’ve reached well over 100k people and you can do the same or more!

Contact us at Diedrich Marketing Strategies for your own business to get more advice about Instagram Reels and other marketing tricks or tools that can support your growth. We are always here to help!

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