3 Ways to Ensure Your Social Media Followers Turn Into Sales

As a business, you want to try and maximize the amount of social media exposure you get by posting everyday and posting different content. Once you’re able to be successful with that, you’ll start to see followers from social media turn into sales!

So, here are some tips to help ensure your social media followers start buying!

Make a personal connection

Making a personal connection with your followers is very important. You want your followers to see you as more than just a company/business page they like following. Building a connection with people who interact with your posts creates a bond between you and them and will turn into sales.

An easy way to do this is by responding to comments that people leave on posts. It’s not always about posting every day to gain more awareness, sometimes you just need to focus on who is engaging already and responding to comments or messages you’re currently receiving.

This shows people that you care about what they think and have to say about your business or product. This will cause followers to become customers more often, which is exactly what you want!

Reaching out to them 1-on-1

Reaching out to consistent commenters or likers is a great way to build relationships with those who are active on your social media pages. Messaging them through dm’s and or Facebook messages is an easy way to connect. This conversation can turn into you adding them to your email list so they can stay updated on your news and new items for them to purchase.

Ask them what they like about your service or products as well as ways they’d like you to improve or what they would like to see! You can even offer them freebies or betas to try, and have them post about their experiences on their personal social media accounts. This will allow others to hear about a customer’s interaction with your business and reviews make BIG impacts online!

Getting followers involved

Have them join live videos to be able to connect with them in real-time! Ask for their opinions on products/services to make them feel important! Nothing makes a customer feel more important than when their thoughts are acknowledged.

Ask them about a range of topics like quality, pricing, and services. Make sure they know that they add value to you and your business. When others see you acknowledging them they are more likely to buy and keep buying from you.

Being able to take the time to create this connection with different followers can be hard at times. If you need help or want to consult with a Marketing Agency then Diedrich Marketing Strategies is here to assist! We’ll be able to put you in a great position to help you grow your business to where you want!

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