5 Things You Should NEVER Do As A Business Online

Lately, we’ve been focusing on things you need to be doing for your business online. So we thought chatting about things you should never do on your business profiles was needed. We want to grow business not stunt it by doing these 5 things below…

Talk Politics on your business page

There is a time and place to be able to talk politics, but your business page is not it (Unless your a Government official!😉) Never share personal opinions or posts on your business social media page because it distracts what your page is all about, your business!

Always make sure you know what page you’re logged into before making a post because posting personal thoughts like political views can do more damage than good. These types of posts could lead to some customers taking offense to them and you end up losing customers because of it! You want people to remember your great business, not your political views!

Whether they agree or don’t. Avoiding conflict with potential buyers is always a good idea.

Not having an email list

An email list is one of the very few things you get to own and personalize towards you and your business! An email list allows you to directly interact with customers. You can offer them early access to products, discounts, and much more! This helps build a positive relationship with your customers helping them come back and buy more and more from you.

Always promote your email list because the bigger that grows the more likely your sales and business grow as well!

Don’t have an email list yet? Don’t fret you can reach out to us here at DMS or search multiple free options to get started! It’s easy and one of the best ways to gain a following that will buy.

Not having a website

This and an email list are some of the only things you own in your business online! Not having a website could be detrimental to your growth. So much of our world is online and many look at websites of businesses before either entering a store or buying a product! So if you don’t have a website you’re losing a huge amount of business.

A website is a constant way to keep your business open, allowing for SEO to keep you relevant in searches, and reach people you may never have reached without it. Your website never closes, which means sales can be made at any time.

Not posting on social media (how are people going to find you?)

If you don’t have a business social media pages make them! They are essential to getting you seen and helping your target buyer find you. If you have social pages but don’t post on them often, you need to start! Social media is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way for potential customers to learn about your business! You want to stay active on your accounts and have a consistent post schedule.

Social media is an easy way to turn followers into sales! And having an engaged and growing following almost always correlates to more sales for your business!

Boosting posts on FB instead of using FB Ads Manager

Boosting posts does not help your business! It may get your post in front of more eyes but it doesn’t target the people who are more likely to actually act on your post! If you’re a business where a majority of your business comes from parents, you don’t want your post to be seen by kids because they will never buy what you’re promoting.

Facebook ad manager shows your ads to people who are more likely to buy your product. Making those interactions more likely to turn into sales for your business!

Wanting to learn more about how to be successful with FB Ads? I will be launching my FB Ads Video Course and FB Ads Coaching to my store very soon! Make sure to keep yours peeled for it or email me and I’ll make sure to send you the details when it’s live! Hopefully by May 18th, 2020!

These are simple tips to remember to never to so that you’re allowing your business to grow not to shrink! Be smart with what you post through your business profiles, make sure to have an email list and website, and be active on social media to maximize business growth!

Diedrich Marketing Strategies can help with all of these! We cater to you and your business to maximize your growth and sales. We’ve been able to help many small businesses grow and become even more successful than before we started working with them! Check out our website to see how we can help you!

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