How to Create Different Content for your Social Media

It’s important to be posting every day on your social media! But, if you post the same content, you’re actually hurting your ability to reach more people. Posting different content on a consistent basis will help you see better engagement and sales. Below are content ideas as well as platform tools that we loving using here at DMS!

Create images

Creating images with text, pictures, and symbols are a great way to attract people to your post and profile. Photos and images are looked at or clicked on more often than just a regular post. And they are an awesome way to increase visibility.

An easy way to create these images is through the website Canva. It’s easy and creates quality images for you to use quickly. We actually create a lot of our own images at DMS through this tool, and we highly recommend it for you to use, too!


Pictures of you and your product are very important! Not only do customers want to see who they’re doing business with, but they also want to see photos of the product your selling. Quality photos of your product are very important because the better the photo, the more desirable your product becomes.

You could either pay for a photographer or invest in a camera for you to take photos yourself! Editing your photos is also very important because it can take your photos to the next level. Some great programs to look at for editing photos are lightroom, photoshop, and premiere pro. All of which are quality programs to edit photos and videos with.

Videos and live videos

Videos are an excellent way to get people to view your content! Videos are one of the most clicked on things on social media. And they create a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. On Twitter and Facebook videos are one of the most clicked on and viewed content, so providing videos to post for your followers is very important to gain more traffic on your profile and website.

Live videos are also a good way to interact with followers and possible customers. Periscope is a tool used for live videos, as well as using Facebook and Instagram lives. Every day there’s 110 years of live video watched daily.

There’s a massive amount of interaction and influence that you could be honing for your audience. It’s only smart to create and have video content to share.


Podcasts are another form of content that could benefit you and your business. Podcasts are an easier form of content for you to create then say, videos. Videos can take a lot more time with editing, while podcasts being strictly audible leads to easier edits and production.

Podcasts are an excellent way to promote and grow your company. Not only are you building your brand but you’re building an audience interested in your thoughts and your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing and email lists should be invested in by every business. An email list is one of the only ways you own your contacts, outright. Email lists are something you should always promote and advertise because the more people subscribed to that list, the more people who will be in direct contact to you with whatever information you have to share.


Blogs are another great way to gain more traffic on websites and social media accounts. Blogs bring in about 20% of your website traffic. And are one of the easiest marketing content you can use to boost the interaction within your website.

Blogs help connect you with current and potential customers. As well as show your knowledge of your expertise within your business. As a business owner you’re an expert in your industry so creating content that shares that is essential. Blogs could be buyers first interaction with you or your business so make sure to maximize that interaction!

As you read above, these different content ideas are things you should definitely take advantage of! These ideas, when posted or shared, will drive up your site interactions and will lead to more business for you!

Diedrich Marketing Strategies will be able to help build and create these different content forms for you! We also help schedule and post content for clients that we know works to help grow your social media influence, website traffic, sales and overall business. So, if you’re looking for some help in this department we’d love to see if we could assist you!

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