5 Marketing Techniques You Should Be Utilizing in Your Business Now

Marketing Techniques are ever changing and always evolving, but these 5 have helped DMS and our clients continue to grow no matter the changes!

1) Posting on social media

Posting on your social media accounts is an easy and effective way to get your name and brand out there. Social media is also very inexpensive compared to the amount of exposure you can gain from it.

You should be posting at least once a day, but if you want the best opportunities you should be posting three times a day! Facebook’s algorithm only shows 6%-10% of your followers a post at any given time. So if you’re wanting to get the most exposure posting three x’s a day and up is the way to go.

2) Use different Marketing content

Changing up what you post is very important. Not only does it affect the amount of interaction your posts will receive, but certain kinds of content are more effective than others and lead to better success! Different kind of marketing content to take advantage of are blogs, videos, photos, lives, podcasts, and asking your audience questions.

Blogs and videos are some of the most effective forms to use. Blogs bring in about 20% of your website traffic, while videos are one of the most clicked on things on social media (82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter daily).

These different forms lead to your customers or future customers being persuaded towards your business in multiple different ways. This equals more money for you!

3) Create/grow your email list

If you don’t have an email list. Create one! An email list is one of the very few things that you own as a business owner. And this is one of the best marketing techniques because it puts you into direct contact with actual customers and people wanting to know important or new details about your business.

Continue to grow this list by posting/promoting your email list. Maybe offer a freebie when they sign up, (like we do). The best part is the bigger it grows, the more your business grows.

4) Scheduling post/ideas

Does keeping up with posting three times a day feel like to much? There are ways on social media where you can create posts before you want them posted and then schedule them to the exact day and time you want.

Some platforms you can use are Creator Studio by Facebook and Hootsuite! (Our favorite here at DMS)

This gives you time to come up with new ideas and then schedule those into the days you want as well. Once you’ve scheduled all your posts for the week or even month, it’ll allow you to focus on your day-to-day work.

5) Invest in social media marketing help

Does all this sound like a lot and maybe too much for you to handle yourself? Then A Marketing Agency is what you need! They do all this work for you, while you sit back and handle your business without having to worry about the marketing techniques that work best for you.

They take care of your social media, email list, content, and when and where to post, giving you time to grow your business. Plus it’s cheaper than paying for a whole team of marketers! You could actually spend up to $600,000 plus if you hire a whole marketing team for your business! Our fee’s now don’t look too bad, right!?

Diedrich Marketing Strategies does all this for you! We have packages to support all of your needs! Whether you want to consult with us, create and post 1-3 times a day on your social media, or just have us completely take over your social media and other platforms to give you the best success through the online world, we can do it!

We believe we can help grow your business as a partner and we look forward to seeing if we could be a good fit!

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