How to Reach Out to Potential Customers Properly Online

Reach out and cold calling are normal and essential for marketing your business. Marketing has a lot to do with selling but there is a right and wrong way to do it. You don’t want to lose a client before you ever get a chance to talk with them.

Cold calling/messaging

There are a lot of dos and don’ts about cold calling/messaging. Some do’s are to make your interaction personable with your initial messages. Don’t try and sell right away, being genuine and truthful is the best way to start a business relationship with someone. The selling will come especially if you see them as a person and not a dollar sign.

Things not do is cold messaging right after a friend request. Wait for them to start liking and commenting on your posts before cold messaging. Make sure you look up the person before cold calling/messaging. By doing this you can find key information to be able to tell if your product/service will be beneficial to them in any way.

If you’re cold messaging the actual message is the first step. Usually, when they receive a message they will take a quick browse around your profile so make sure everything you have on your profile looks professional and reflects highly on you and your business.

Last but not least be patient!

Product-based vs. service-based reach out

When reaching out as a product-based business it’s easier to sell and turn a potential customer into a customer. They are able to view your products and know what they are getting when they buy. For service based business it’s not as simple.

Cold calling/messaging for service-based businesses is more tricky because you don’t want to sell right away. You want to be able to gain potential clients trust before you can start selling. Keep selling out of the initial conversations unless asked.

Service-based business is solely based on how well you do your job. At first, they will have no idea if you are good or bad at your job, so gaining their trust and building a relationship is very important.

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