Why Facebook Groups Will Make You Money!

Facebook groups are important not only to have but also to be apart of. They allow you to share content and also to connect with other people and businesses to begin to forge new relationships and hopefully sales.

Facebook groups are a great way to market yourself and your business. One big misconception when it comes to marketing is that people think it means selling. What it really means is making a connection and building a relationship that could lead to sales and business for you.

85% of interaction and business for DMS comes from Facebook, and is through Facebook groups and my personal/business profiles, while only 15% of interaction and business is from referrals and online word of mouth.

Be involved in other fb groups

Joining Facebook groups is the first step, but being active and involved in these groups is the most important part. Add value, give advice, be honest, and share your experiences while interacting in these groups. All of these factors bring value to you as well as build a community within other groups and your own personal group.

Being active and having others hear your insights and experiences shows you know your stuff! By doing all of this you can get to know others with similar interests and start to build trust. Trust and relationships will always help your business because it always brings people back when in need of a service or product that you provide and they remember you provide!

more than just selling

Facebook groups are where you should be doing the least amount of selling. You’ll lose followers if all they see being posted is you selling your products/services. Post about experiences, advice, and anything else that could be helpful to your followers.

You’re human and you want your followers and customers to view you as such. If they do, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Service-based vs. product-based fb groups

When you have a service-based business your Facebook group should give out more advice that has value. Give them content that could actually be helpful towards them! don’t beat around the bush trying to get them to buy your service.

When your business is product-based your Facebook group can still have advice but you should be sharing all your deals/promos plus have extra ones that only your Facebook group can get and know about.

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