1 Easy Marketing Tip You Can Use Every Day For Your Business

Marketing can be a stressor for all businesses big or small! How do you stay relevant? How can you break through the noise of Every. Other. Business. Doing. The. Same. Thing. As. You? Well, would you be surprised if I said the answer is actually really easy? And the only reason we think it’s not, is because we don’t think people will care? Truth is, all we have to do to stand out is to be ourselves.

Show Them Who You Are

We forget as business owners that people do want to know who is behind the screen, products, and services that we offer. People buy because we are either solving a problem or helping them gain something they want. These two factors are big and can be impacted even more by us giving them a line of connection to who we really are as people.

If they can see we are genuine and truly want to help or give them something they want, this will not only improve our business success rate, but it gives us the ability to connect more to our potential customers and clients.

Share life updates

Always be real. Let your followers know how you’re doing. Having a bad day? Let them know and tell them what you’re trying to do to make it better. Having a great week? Let them know! Success helps push others to succeed as well. Never shy away from letting them into who you are. That personal connection, even though it may only be through online factors, could change the trajectory of your business for the better! No one wants to buy from perfect. People want to buy from real, honest, and relatable humans just like themselves.

Share Motivational Quotes Using a Personal Story

Wow! Do these have a motivational impact, let alone huge engagement and reach on your social platforms! Again, it’s all about being a real person with real issues and successes. No one wants all the good or all the bad, but people do want the inspiration and motivation to do better themselves. Sharing inspiring and motivational quotes aren’t going to cause any type of “feelings” other than “Yes! I can accomplish my dreams and goals too!”

Be the business that helps lift up others and their businesses. There is plenty of room in this world for all of us! So make sure to support it!

When coming up with content ideas for your week make sure to add in some of these options! You’ll be shocked at the results! And if you’re on the hunt for help in your marketing department, reach out to us, we’re here to help!

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