What Is More Important, Sales or Marketing?

What is more important, Sales or Marketing?

A question I love to answer! For me, it seems like an easy one! But that’s because I’m partial and have been professionally trained in Marketing for years. So, with that being said I’ll try to approach this question in a less biased way. Marketing and Sales, as we all know, go hand in hand when it comes to selling a product/service. These two “equal” but different parts of being a business owner propel you to reaching your goals. And it’s not an easy black and white answer.

Sales, and why it’s important

When it comes down to it, no sales = no business. And obviously, no one wants to see that become a reality for their company. You work hard every day to make connections, not just “sales” connections, but connections that matter. Meeting people you can hopefully partner with, and maybe even help with referrals if you meet someone who’d be their perfect client. But sales are the end all be all, and so, of course, this is why they are important. Not only to you but to your businesses viability.

Selling is a skill. And it is a hard skill to learn, let alone master. You’ve probably seen, read, listened to tons of books and podcasts that focus on the fundamentals of selling and being a good salesperson for your business. And with these skills, you alone can make or break your company. It’s scary! But did you know, selling is technically just another term for marketing your item through you, instead of other forms?

Now, you see why this question reminds me of, “What came first? The chicken or the egg?”

Marketing and why it’s important

Man, I could go on for days about this topic! Marketing is what brings people to you and your business. Without it, your obsolete, or your competitors are beating you out every time and you just don’t understand why. It’s because of your Marketing.

I’ve worked with companies who thought all they needed was to know how to sell. But, put them up against a company, in the same industry, with a WHOLE office of marketing people. Who do you think is going to win the selling more game? The company with the marketing team.

And yes, I know there are going to be people who say, “well it’s just because those companies are larger, they can afford it.” And my answer is “No, Mike. Those companies just know the value of Marketing and have allowed it to grow their business MORE than it would have grown just by their selling technique. They have decided to invest in themselves by allotting money to Marketing professionals for their Marketing”

Marketing allows you to personalize your brand. Say thank you when needed and connect on a more personal level. It gives you the opportunity for people your selling to, to not feel like every time they see a post of yours or talk to you, you’re just going to sell. What kind of connection is that?

Not only does Marketing allow you to be more personable and honest with your clients/customers, but it also gives you an avenue to really KNOW what they want, what they are buying, and how they want to be sold to.

Every client I work with has said to me, ” I know I need to do more Marketing, I just don’t have the time or know-how.” Well, thank goodness there are companies like DMS out there to help you!

What do I think is more important?

Sales and Marketing go hand and hand as I mentioned earlier. You need to have a good sales technique that shows you care more than just adding them to your pay-check. And if you can show that, you’re a step closer to closing your deals. BUT, if you have a rock-solid Marketing Strategy, where you are hitting potential clients with awesome material, Every. Single. Day. Image the leads you’ll get, that not only turn into customers/clients, but that can turn into referrals and real friendships! Marketing, in my opinion, will help you beat out every other competitor you have, as long as you’re doing it correctly.

So, if you’re interested in help, which, trust me, is imperative to ask for when your spending hours on content creation and not seeing the return you deserve! Reach out to us and let’s chat. We are here to help you move past your struggles and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel called, making sales because you have a great Marketing team helping you!

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