How to Ensure Your Social Media Posts Are Engaging

Engagement is just as important as posts on social media. Posting different content to allow your followers to comment on, share, and like, drives up the number of people who view each post.

Even asking in a post to your followers what they think could be better or what they like about your product, social media, website, etc. are all great topics to gain their input on. The more engagement on posts the better it is for you!

Followers like to feel validated as well, and that their thoughts matter to you! Creating a bond between you and your followers/customers equals more sales.


For social media, you should love when people engage with your content. When others engage with your content it is shared with their audience, allowing for more people to be able to see your page and business.

Comments are the best form of engagement because the more comments on a post the more the Facebook algorithm will put those posts in front of other people’s screens. This is like a domino effect if you can get people to engage with your posts, more people not following you will see them and hopefully want to engage, follow, or buy from you as well!

What is the Facebook Algorithm? The Facebook Algorithm is how Facebook decides which people see your post on their feed. The more engagement on your post the more the algorithm will put that post at the top of people’s feeds. Exactly what you want!

The best content to post for engagement

The best content to post on your social media goes as followed videos, blogs, pictures, and then worded posts. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. Blogs bring in about 20% of your website traffic. This traffic also reinforces why these posts are the best way to gain engagement because so many people consume this content in the first place. We want to work smarter not harder and if we know these are the marketing pieces people enjoy we need to optimize and use them.

With your content you want it to be engagement friendly. You want what you’re saying in your posts, videos, pictures, whatever you use, to lead to people to comment and or share on each post or in better terms making sure you give them a call to action.

Call to action

Have a call to action within your posts! Ask your followers to leave a comment, interact with your fellow followers, ask to visit your website. Anything you can think of that would lead to an interaction with you and your post. People want to be told what to do, and by doing this you will learn what your audience best responds to with CTA’s and can then use that to your advantage.

Ask them to leave comments about personal views, ideas for you, opinions on certain topics, as well as asking them to share your post. Creating a friendly engagement space for your followers builds a relationship between them and you.

These relationships lead to more and more engagement because they believe that their comments are important to you. Which they should be!

80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule involves what you’re saying with each post. 80 percent of all your posts should not be selling products/services, while 20% is for selling and promoting deals. The 80 percent of your posts where you’re not selling is where you’re posting different content about your business, yourself, and your day-to-day activities (videos, blogs, etc.), having a call to action, and promoting your website/email list.

The 20 percent of posts where you’re selling is where you promoting products, deals, and anything else business-wise you want to sell!

The reason behind this is, your engagement with your posts will go way down if all your doing is selling, so due to the algorithm, fewer people will view your posts because the algorithm deems them non-important if people are not engaging.

If you have 80 percent of your posts building engagement with your followers when the time comes around to sell your product, more eyes will be on those posts because the algorithm will be on your side.

Engagement also leads to building relationships with your followers/customers so when you’re selling a product/service those relationships you’ve built will turn your followers into sales.

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