How to Turn Social Media Engagement Into Leads and Sales

Social media engagement is great for building relationships and exposure to your business, but here we’ll talk about how to turn those engagements into warm leads and sales. Warm leads are very important because they are more likely to buy your product and to continue to buy your product regularly if you build a good relationship with them. These are consumers who show interest into your content who you then personally reach out to and start building a relationship.

Responding to Engagement

Responding to engagement is probably the easiest and one of the best ways to create leads and sales. Potential customers see you interacting with them and appreciate that effort. Consistent responses help build relationships with followers that make an easy transition into customers.

Responding is very important so you want to be checking your social media often, or hiring someone to respond to all comments, questions, and messages. You want to make sure you respond to all types of engagement like questions, thank you’s, even negative comments. This shows you care, as well as are able to deal with any sort of situation.

Building warm leads

Responding to engagement and personally reaching out to your followers are some of the best ways to build warm leads. Reaching out on Facebook messenger and having active conversations with potential customers is best. Building a relationship with someone is how you create a warm lead.

Never try and sell when you’re having these conversations. It’s all about building a connection. By doing all of this they become more interested and are more likely to become customers.

More ways to build warm leads are to offer up freebies, your email list, and Facebook groups. They become more comfortable with you and how your business operates that it becomes an easy answer to do business with you.

Retain your clients

Retaining your warm leads and customers saves you 5x’s the amount of money it takes to gain a new client. Now you want to continue to gain new clients but current clients are just as important. Continue to check-in and add to the relationship built with your current clients.

Whenever you have a sale always send thank you’s to those who buy your product. Keeping these relationships strong make it more likely for them to return to do business with you.

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