The Best Social Media Posts to Grow your Revenue and Engagement!

Social Media Posts

Do you ever struggle with gaining engagement on your social media? For example, are you not seeing as many comments and likes on your posts as you want? This is a common struggle for business owners. Don’t let this discourage you from posting because I promise someone IS seeing them!

Why do you think Social Media is so difficult?

Many of us think way too much about it. Post simple and easy things that you enjoy creating and/or sharing.

Being desperate for sales in your posts will drive DOWN your engagement. If your post is only about “buy buy buy,” then your post will be scrolled by.

Never rely on the validation of engagement. Be yourself and post things that you love! If you do this, you will see your social media start to grow!

Lastly this isn’t going to happen overnight so never get discouraged!

Posts that do well!

This first thing to do when wanting better engagement is making post that have always done well!

  1. Questions! Questions are a great way to get engagement, and you get to learn more about your audience at the same time. Also, don’t be afraid to answer your own question, so your followers get to learn about you as well.
  2. Success Stories! Tell your success story and the stories of the customers you’ve helped.
  3. Failures and what you’ve learned! Help out your followers by telling them what not to do! Lead them to success.
  4. Share YOUR life as a business owner! Allow your followers to see you as a human. Yes, you’re a business owner, but let them view you as more than just someone who wants their money.

Remember being relatable will help your success! If people can trust and relate to you, they are more likely to buy into you and your business.

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