Small Businesses, 5 Marketing Tips to Beat Your Competition

As a small business, we’re constantly thinking about what we can do differently. Every day we try new things and keep track of what’s working and what’s not. But as a Marketing Agency, that’s our job! So, if Marketing is a bit of a second language for you, here’s how you can actually beat out your competition in just 5 tips.

Use social networks

When it comes to running a good, unique, and competitive company, you have to be utilizing social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are all a must! And finding your niche is important. If you’re a professional business, LinkedIn will most likely be your sweet spot! But if you sell products or items, Facebook and Instagram will most likely be the best place to reach your target audience. It’s all about getting creative and trying new things. If you’re willing to try, you will reach a lot more people than if you’re just counting on word of mouth.

social content daily

Once you’ve found the social network that matches your service or product the best, you must post content every single day! This may seem overwhelming, but that’s also what DMS is here to help with. Keeping all of your accounts active, will not only help you reach more people, but it improves your organic reach on all platforms. It also gets you in front of more faces who may love your company and want to engage. Uploading content every day may seem like a lot of work… but it can be as simple as wishing your followers a good day, talking about a national holiday that pertains to your company, or even just sharing a link to your website. These are all easy posts that can do the trick. The most important thing to remember though is being consistent. This is the one sure way you’ll beat out your competition.


Did you know that 64% of people purchase a product after watching a social branded video? That’s a crazy amount of Return in Investment (RIO) when you’re thinking about investing in video. By 2020 80% of content consumed on the internet will be video, and if you’re ready to beat out your competition, this is the next step you need to be taking advantage of!

be relatable

When you’re Marketing your business make sure to show everyone who you are. Small businesses under 100 people make up 97% of companies. They rule the workforce because of their ability to speak to their employees on a personable level. Which means, why shouldn’t you be doing this to your customers and clients? The answer is, there isn’t one. Showing your followers what you do for your employees or community is just another way to bring brand awareness. It also creates that emotional connection every person wants to have when it comes to brands they enjoy or are passionate about.

connect with diedrich marketing strategies

We, of course, saved the best one for last! If Marketing is just not your expertise (yet!) that’s what we’re here to accomplish. Remember, we’re not all experts at everything, and that’s why it’s important to ask for assistance when we need it. Asking for help will only make your business and brand stronger. And with that journey, comes new knowledge that could eventually lead to you and your company growing, in a way you never thought possible!

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