What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to starting your own business we all know there is a lot that goes into it. Business plans, how will you “Market”, and what will make people want to buy or invest in your product! When Dylan and I, mostly Dylan, came up with this idea, it was simple. I have all the tools and experience in my field to benefit other small businesses in growing. And when it comes to being different, I think a 23-year-old woman with her Financial Adviser husband, are the perfect touch of “mixing it up” in the Marketing world that any new or unique, small business needs.

Why is marketing important

There is a difference between Marketing and Advertising. Marketing is the act of incorporating branding and your product or service, to bring brand awareness. Which in turn, will help spread the word about your products or services, organically! Advertising is when you put money and sometimes, use different approaches, to finding clients and customers. What DMS allows you to do, is not only hone your branding skills, but be able to use these pieces made for you as advertising materials as well!

It’s easy to throw Marketing to the wayside when you’re busy making products or focusing on all the elements of running a business. But to keep consistency and brand awareness, you need to be marketing at all times. Whether that’s including your logos on everything or updating your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts regularly, they can sometimes be easy. But another way is to partner with us! We’re experts in Marketing, video Marketing, and Social content that can help take your Marketing efforts to the next level!

Why we’re focusing on small businesses

Our passion stems from our own entrepreneurial spirits! Dylan and I will always have a passion for working with others who have our same mindset and thought processes. I mean, let’s be honest, who is going to make things happen more than yourself? Being successful doesn’t just happen, it takes failures, consistency, and most of all, hard-work to accomplish any true success. That’s why our goal in partnering with you and your company is not only to help you grow, but also to give you back the valuable time you’ve been needing to just focus on your business. I’ve always heard, two people are better than one. And when businesses have a success rate of over 50% when they have 2 co-founders, why can’t partnering with another company have the same impact?

Are you ready to partner with us?

If you’re ready to invest in us, like we’re ready to invest in you and your company, please reach out to us! We’re here not only to benefit your Marketing strategies, but to be a partner with you through your small business journey! Fill out our form below for us to set up a free consultation!

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