25 Content Ideas to Use and Re-use Online For Your Business

We hear a lot about you running out of ideas of content to post on your social media. Well we have 25 different ideas for content. Perfect for anyone looking to change up or add to their content.

5 text post content ideas

1. Questions

Questions are always a great way to get engagement on posts, feedback from customers, and followers. They are one of the most basic but also best forms of text post ideas

2. Updates

Giving updates about your business, products, deals, and promos is an easy way to gain interest because they look forward to the new and improved. It also shows customers and followers that you’re constantly looking to improve your products.

3. Reviews

Reviews are another way to show you’re always looking for the best way to run your business. Allowing customers and followers to leave reviews gives you a better idea of what your target audience is wanting from you.

4. Promoting

Promoting products, email lists, and Facebook groups all are very important because they all help with the sales and growth of your business.

5. Re-promoting

Never stop promoting products and deals. It could be a product a few months old and repromoting gets that product or deal back in front of people’s eyes or in front of their eyes for the first time if they are new to your business.

5 picture post content ideas

1. Reviews with pictures

So you’ve gotten reviews from your worded post and now you’re wondering how to show off these reviews. Adding the review typed out on a picture helps support the positive review and can influence more into buying your product.

2. New product or service

Whenever you have a new product available you should always have pictures taken of it, along with any services that you may provide. Pictures always bring in more views.

3. The business behind the scenes

Showing your business behind the scenes with pictures allows the public to view you more as a person and helps them learn more about the people they are doing business with.

4. Pictures of you and your employees

When just starting out on social media or wanting to introduce your staff make sure to post a picture with a description of you and your employees. It gives people the face of who they are engaging with and or doing business with.

5. Pictures of all products

You want quality pictures of all your products so your customers can see as clearly as possible what they are buying. This leads to more trust when your photos match up with the product that they buy.

5 personal post content ideas

1. why you started

Telling the story of why you started is always a great way to share with customers and followers who you are and where you’ve come from. Everyone loves a success story so don’t be scared to tell yours!

2. How you started

Explaining how you started allows others to see how hard you’ve worked to get to where you’re at. This shows that you care and work hard. And allows others to put more trust in you, which will lead to them more likely wanting to do business with you.

3. Advice

Giving advice to your followers and customers not only shows how knowledgable you are but also that you care enough about them that you want them to succeed as well.

4. Share your hardships

Sharing your hardships allows others to see you as more than just a business and business owner. By sharing, it gives potential customers/ followers a chance to connect with you, possibly building relationships based on shared experience.

5. Share celebrations

Share celebrations with your customers and followers! They could be the direct reason you’re celebrating so always include them and thank them.

5 video content ideas

1. Commercial videos

Commercial videos are a great way to advertise your product, employees, place of business, and any deals/promos.

2. video of you working

Sharing videos of you and your employees working invites your customers/followers behind the scenes of your business. Giving them access that they normally wouldn’t see.

3. video of you on a job or creating a product/service

Posting videos about how your product/service is created gives a sense of security being able to view how your product is made.

4. video of your life outside work

Sharing videos of your personal life allows customers to connect with you, and hopefully create relationships with them. Relationships are a big part of business so always look for ways to help build those bonds.

5. video of new service/product that can be bought

Always promote when doing any type of video! It’s especially important when you have a new service/product available to customers. It gives the customer something to be excited about.

5 live video Content ideas

1. live video on industry

Talk about your skills, advice, tips, and ideas on how your product/service industry works or can help potential customers/clients. People need to understand value before they invest.

2. live video to answer questions on how to do something

Going live to help your followers with questions they may have is an easy way to show your knowledge as well as continuing to maintain relationships which is always important.

3. live video on what’s coming in your business

Live videos are an easy way to go in-depth on new things coming to your business. Always be promoting and selling while doing this.

4. live video asking for insight

Asking for insight is a great way to learn more from your followers and customers about improving your product. Giving you the consumer’s point of view when it comes to your product.

5. live video thanking your customers/clients

You can have specific videos thanking your followers/clients for their support, but always at the end of every live video thank people for listening and giving input.

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